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What makes an Ad worth spreading?

VCCP Health - Shine Brighter - Ted Ads Worth Spreading slider

VCCP Health - Shine Brighter - Ted Ads Worth Spreading slider

When someone shares content that is interesting to them with other people they believe will enjoy the content, it is an idea that becomes an act of endorsement – the content spreads.

TED have done a wonderful job of sharing and spreading the best TedTalks from around the world and in 2010 they started a new marketing challenge to the advertising industry called ‘Ads worth spreading’.

‘The dream behind this was to find companies that want to communicate ideas with their consumers in the same way that TED wants to communicate with its audience.’

‘An ad worth spreading is a short way of communicating an idea. The ad can be as long as it takes to communicate the idea powerfully, up to five minutes.’

In their 2012 challenge they contacted agencies, producers and brands and invited them to submit their work through the Ads Worth Spreading YouTube channel to find 10 winning video campaigns of implausibly compelling work from 39 countries around the world. The judges were looking for the best in online video storytelling from varied areas of interest: Talk, Social Good, Cultural Compass, Creative Wonder and Brand Bravery.

All the ads were inspiring and engaging in their own way but here are a few that particularly stood out for me…

Rethink Breast Cancer created a great ad that addresses the serious issue of breast cancer but in a light and humorous way.

The ad features a number of bare-chested hunks (can’t argue so far) that encourage women to stay on top of their breast health by downloading the fun, ‘Your Man Reminder’. They receive pleasant monthly reminders about checks for breast cancer from six good looking men that will pop up to remind them to check their breasts, as well as receiving reminders about doctors’ appointments and crucial facts about breast cancer so that women know their bodies better and are active in protecting them. Helping women to learn about breast health in a non-scary way.

The app also includes generic compliments which are generated alongside the reminders.

Another interesting ad concerned raising the sense of political engagement amongst the Tunisian people by Engagement Citoyen. “The Return of Dictator Ben Ali’’ ad stunt proved to have great emotional effectiveness amongst people who had lost belief in politics. A few weeks before their first ever free election a camera filmed a street in the capital where a huge wall poster of the former dictator Ben Ali hung. This inevitably provoked passers by, leading them to tear the poster down – revealing another poster behind it saying: ‘’Beware, dictatorship can return. On Oct 23 VOTE.’’ This immediately reawakened their sense of political engagement as a powerful message had been simply and successfully conveyed.

This video quickly spread online and an 88% election turnout was reached – much higher than the expected 55%.

 Sharpie: Start with Sharpie is an inspiring ad that tells the story of a Malaysian animator and artist who does incredible drawings on the sides of paper cups using Sharpies. This beautifully lifts the art of storytelling while creatively bringing together traditional and digital media.

The winning ads are reference points that are meant to reflect the best of advertising today and help others lift their game by rising to an industry-wide challenge – you can see all of the winners on the Ted AWS website.

As well as sharing the Ads we think worthy the VCCP Health team will be sharing their personal favourite TedTalks on Twitter next week, join in by tweeting yours to us @VCCPHealth.

Lade Abioye – Project Manager

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